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Finally a Racing Expert that puts YOU first...

From: Pete Thomson,

​Aren't you tired of backing tips from the so called "Expert" tipsters that never ever lead to any long time profits or rewards for your efforts?

You only have to look at the record of the popular Newspaper tipsters to see that you either lose money or make very little indeed. 

I'm talking a grand sum of £12 maximum over an entire racing season. Hardly seems worth it does it?

But why can't these experts get it right? Its what they are paid to do? Why do they even exist if they don't make their followers money?

I'm sad to say over 80% of Newspaper tipsters fail to make a profit on their best bets! That's the Nap bet which is supposed to be the bet of the day!

Then we have the explosion of tipsters on Twitter. They brag loud when they get the odd winner and skirt over the losses that their followers are dumped with. You may as pick a horse at random than follow these.

Fortunately we do have some genuine tipsters who at least on paper appear very good.

The problem is with certain premium tipsters is you simply can't get on at the odds they say, which quickly get snapped up and corrected by the bookies. Often tipping the night before the bookies are on alert to these savvy punters and quickly shut you down.

Then you get your longshot tipsters who give amazing odds, but the losing runs are agonizing and you need nerves of steel to follow these guys. And are they really that good? or did they just bag a 66/1 shot or two through fluke?


Check out the poor performance of the majority of popular tipsters over the jumps season (profits to £1 level stakes)...

The above image shows that only 7 out of all newspaper tipsters (that's 17% of the tipsters) made a profit over the jumps season. 

Does any of this sound familar?

If you've been struggling to make a profit from your betting, let me make one thing crystal clear.

It's Not Your Fault.

The bookies know exactly what is tipped up by the major publications, so they simply shorten the odds to ensure they still have an edge.

Of course the tipsters are Horse Racing Experts with genuine intentions, the problem is they are far too popular.

There opinion counts for nothing once the bookie adjusts the price. 

In order to beat the bookies you simply can't keep doing what you've been doing, you have to keep your ear to the ground and do something different.

Beating the bookies is tough. It requires an exceptional knowledge of both horse racing and mathematics and mind numbing attention to detail and time to win.

Fortunately for you there is an easier and straightforward way to tip Horses.

A method that is not known by most and is strictly for a small number of private members.

The 4 Bet method has made us
up to £5,962 a Month

Forget about the loss, frustration and complexity of other tipsters.

With Racing Wins things are different. 

Racing Wins is perfect for anyone who loves following expert racing analysis. Whether you are a horse racing expert or have zero knowledge of horse racing we are sure you will love our service

Racing Wins is a unique 4 bet method which gives you the best bet of the day (Nap), the next best (NB), third best (TB) and the Outsider bet.

The 4 bet method has made us up to £5,962 a month at £100 stakes. Which is frankly life changing money.

The 4 bet system is explained below...

The 4 Bet Types Explained...

Please view below for a guide on the four daily tips we give as part of our service...


This is the bet most likely to win. Often short odds but high strike rate of 47.5%

Next Best 

Odds often longer than the Nap, strike rate good too at 36.5%

Third Best 

Incredible profits due to good odds. With a  massive 57.1% ROI


Value picks bet each-way. Massive 64.13% Profit!

Each of the bet types has been fully tested and proven to profit.

Quite frankly Racing Wins blows other racing tipsters out the water.

That means you always get the odds price you need and you get the profits we quote. 

Unlike other tipsters this is not theorectical profits at SP with some back dated dubious system.

Nor do our tips drop dramatically in price due to excessive members.

This is the very best 3 bets and the best outsider bet of the day carefully formulated so you know exactly what bets to choose each day.

With Racing Wins things are different. 

Check out exactly what we will give you when you join this unique betting club...

By choosing Racing Wins you’ll get:

Huge Potential

Up to £5962 a Month in testing. With a HUGE ROI of 44.4% across all bets. 

No Long Losing Runs

Our Nap strike rate is 60% in testing.

Easy to Follow

Simply follow our emails sent direct to your inbox.

Fully Tested

With over 400 bets fully tested, we know our 4 bet method will work for you.

Great Odds

We back at a range of odds including a daily outsider for huge returns up to 20/1

Start Small

Place low stakes with our unique points system.

One of my pet hates is tipsters who don't give full documented results.

I like to keep an eye on rival tipsters, unfortunately I find the majority either secretive or just downright deceptive.

There are actually tipsters claiming 90%+ win rates and not showing their losing bets. 

This is why i've spent the past 5 months documenting every bet I've tipped before going public. 

How Much is this Going to Cost Me?  

Is it me or is EVERYTHING getting more expensive in 2017?

I don't know about you but I've had enough of people being ripped off.

I want this to be acessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer...

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. In the unlikely event that our profitable tips service is not for you we are happy to refund you 100% with no questions asked. 


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